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Wiggles Costumes for Kids this Halloween

Do you have a toddler or preschooler that can’t get enough of the Wiggles? Do they sing along those catchy tunes, ‘Hot Potato, Hot Potato’ or ‘Fruit Salad, Yummy, Yummy’? Well it’s that time of year again – trick or treat! If you’re searching for a costume for the Halloween celebrations for your child, then a Wiggles costume is the perfect choice to make this Halloween the best yet.Wiggles dress up costumes are an easy selection for young fans of the Wiggles. The rainbow colored shirts, black pants and belt will be a hit if your child loves to sing and dance along to the wiggly songs from the children’s musical group. Your child can look and feel just like their favorite Wiggle. A blue Anthony costume is ideal for fans of Anthony Field, while prefer Wiggles fans will prefer sleepy Jeff Fatt for their Halloween outfit. The yellow costume is ideal for fans of Sam Moran or the original yellow Greg Page and the Murray Cook costume will be great for fans of the red Wiggle. Whoever is your child’s favorite, a Wiggles costume whether it’s purple, blue, yellow or red will have your child singing and dancing to not only feel like a Wiggle, but look like one too.

Not only is there dress ups available for Jeff, Sam, Anthony and Murray, but your child might prefer to dress up as the eight legged wiggly Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur or even the friendly pirate, Captain Feathersword. There are plenty of options available and it’s best for your child to select a costume of a character that they like and that interests them to make the experience so much more memorable and fun. To accompany your dress up outfit you might also like to add accessories to the outfit to complete the look. These might include a toy microphone or maybe even a musical instrument. A toy guitar would be the perfect accessory to complete your Wiggly Halloween costume and your child might also like to give an impromptu sing along or concert of their favorite Wiggles song.

Does your child like purple Jeff, blue Anthony, yellow Sam or red Murray or maybe they prefer Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog or Dorothy the Dinosaur? Whatever their preference, there are plenty of new toys and games that are sure to please this Christmas.

Musical instruments, so your child has their own special Wiggles guitar or keyboard are a perfect gift idea for the Wiggly fan. Your child will be able to sing and dance along with the Wiggles to their favorite songs… maybe it’s Hot Potato, Hot Potato! or Fruit Salad, yummy!

If you prefer a calmer Christmas day then I would suggest Wiggles games to amuse and entertain your little one. There are many card games and puzzles and even traditional games like snap, pairs and dominoes that never get old. If you’d prefer a more educational experience for your child, there are many options to teach your children basic literacy and numeracy skills with the new Wiggle and Learn series of games.

There are many Christmas gift ideas and options available for fans of the Wiggles to make shopping this Christmas as stress free as possible. Most of remember to make sure that you and your little Wiggles fan have a Wiggles Wiggly Christmas with these Christmas Wiggles toy ideas.

A wiggly costume is not only ideal for celebrating the Halloween holiday, but will also offer plenty of wear throughout the year by your child. Dress ups are ideal for role playing and developing your child’s creative play time, which in turn helps to develop positive influences on their self esteem and confidence.

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